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    Founded in the year of 2014 by Managing Director, Mr. Andy Sun, after his more than 10 year's of rich experience and profound knowledge in the textile industry, Shanghai Uneed Textile Co., Ltd., with Headquarters and Marketing Center set up in Shanghai, has been ever since focusing on manufacturing and supplying various medium and high-grade Garment Accessories for apparel industry, Spunlace Nonwovens for masks and wet wipes industry, Spun Melt Nonwovens for health and medical industry, backed up by 8 production bases in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces.

    By virtue of the comprehensive advantages in Garment Accessories, Spunlace Nonwovens and Spun Melt Nonwovens, our company has established 3 business divisions in our Shanghai headquarters: Garment Accessories Business Division, Spunlace Nonwovens Business Division, and Spun Melt Nonwovens Business Division.


Garment Accessories Division :


    We are specialized in providing "One-Stop" garment accessories supplying services

for apparel industry, with main and strong items varying from woven and non-woven fusible interlining, shirt interlining, hair interlining, horse hair interlining, embroidery backing interlining, tie interlining, cap interlining, shoulder pads, sleeve head, under collar felt, chest cotton, chest canvas, tapes, hot-melt web and film, water-soluble non-woven fabric and film, pocketing fabric and other small accessories.

Our brand “UNEED” is well known by many domestic and world famous clothing brands and traders, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of garment accessories. The quality of our products and our services have been recognized, trusted and adopted by world-renowned garment manufacturers in European countries, the United States and Japan.

All of our garment accessories products have achieved OEKO-TEX and SGS Certification, and we also obtained GRS (Global Recycling Standard) Certification to provide sustainable interlinings and wadding products with fibers recycled from post-consumer waste plastic bottles for garment industry.



Spunlace Nonwovens Division :


    We are committed to supplying high quality spunlace nonwoven products for the facial mask and wipes industry, materials including Tencel, Cupro, Bamboo Fiber, Bamboo Charcoal, Binchotan, Banana Fiber, Seaweed Fiber, Natural Cotton, Organic Cotton, Aloe, Graphite and Viscose, Polyester, etc. Our production base has 8 internationally advanced production lines for cross-laying and 6 parallel production lines, which were imported from Germany and France.

The spunlace non-woven fabrics produced and sold by our company have the characteristics of soft handfeel, smooth surface, no hairiness and good moisture absorption ability. Besides the extensive use in beauty and cleaning fields, they also enjoy a great popularity in industrial filtration, medical, health and other fields. The products are breathable, soft, lightweight, non-toxic, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, etc., extensively used for a couple of applications, and in hundreds of varieties, most of which are mainly manufactured as synthetic leather fabrics (base material for garment leather, ball leather, shoe material substrate), new generation of medical protective products (surgical gown, protective clothing), mesh and parallel sanitary products (mask sheets, wet wipes, towel rolls, gauze sheets), ultra-fine wiping cloth (for glasses, instruments etc. ), filter products, decorative fabrics, etc.


Spun-Melt Nonwovens Division :


    We own 6 domestic advanced polypropylene filament spunbonded nonwoven production lines, 16 high-speed spun melt production lines together with 2 SXMS bi-component nonwoven production lines producing premium hygienic materials, and focusing on furnishing packing, furniture and health-care industries with first-grade regular PP and special spun melt nonwovens covering SS, SSS, SMS, SMMS, SMMMS, SSMMS non woven fabrics, under different specifications in various colors, all produced by 100% new PP/PE chips, with an annual capacity of more than 100,000+ metric tons of non-woven fabrics.

    We can also apply such special processing to the nonwovens as hydrophilic, antistatic, anti-alcohol, oil-resistant and other treatment. Finely fiber dispersed, softly touched, evenly structured with excellent barrier property, our spun melt nonwoven is absolutely suitable for sanitary, medical industries, widely used for isolation clothing, surgical gowns, surgical bedding sheets, diapers, adult incontinence products, etc.


    All of our mills from our 3 divisions have passed the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System audit by German TÜV SÜD Group and SGS certification, and are equipped with a comprehensive quality management system. At Shanghai, we have our own QC teams who strictly abide by quality standards, which can ensure products quality and services that fully meet customers requirements and international standards.

Based in Shanghai, facing the whole country and looking to the world, Uneed Textile has been adhering to the business philosophy of " Quality and Service, Our Life and Future", providing high quality and fast “One-Stop”supplying services for apparel, beauty cleaning, health and medical industries. We take "Gratefulness, Respect, Integrity, and Mutual benefit " as our values, “ A Century-Old Enterprise and A Hundred-Year Brand” as our corporate vision statements, never stop on innovating and advancing with the times to work together with all customers for a better future!




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> 2006~2012    CEO Mr. Andy Sun engaged in interlining and apparel business


> 2012.11          Establishment of Honkong Kinrun Textile Limited in Hongkong


> 2013.5            Establishment of the representative office in Shanghai


> 2013.12          Set up five production bases of garment accessory in Shanghai, Jiangsu,Zhejiang province


> 2014.5            Establishment of the new company Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd





Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Uneed Textile Co.,Ltd
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Trading Company


Brands : SH-UNEED

No. of Employees : 50~100

Annual Sales : 8000,000-13,000,000

Year Established : 2006

Export p.c : 80% - 90%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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