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Company news about UNT Garment Accessories Division
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UNT Garment Accessories Division


Latest company news about UNT Garment Accessories Division

We are specialized in providing "One-Stop" garment accessories supplying services for apparel industry, with main and strong items varying from woven and non-woven fusible interlining, shirt interlining, hair interlining, horse hair interlining, embroidery backing interlining, tie interlining, cap interlining, shoulder pads, sleeve head, under collar felt, chest cotton, chest canvas, tapes, hot-melt web and film, water-soluble non-woven fabric and film, pocketing fabric and other small accessories.

Our brand “UNEED” is well known by many domestic and world famous clothing brands and traders, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of garment accessories. The quality of our products and our services have been recognized, trusted and adopted by world-renowned garment manufacturers in European countries, the United States and Japan.

All of our garment accessories products have achieved OEKO-TEX and SGS Certification, and we also obtained GRS (Global Recycling Standard) Certification to provide sustainable interlinings and wadding products with fibers recycled from post-consumer waste plastic bottles for garment industry.

All of our mills from our 3 divisions have passed the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System audit by German TÜV SÜD Group and SGS certification, and are equipped with a comprehensive quality management system. At Shanghai, we have our own QC teams who strictly abide by quality standards, which can ensure products quality and services that fully meet customers requirements and international standards

Based in Shanghai, facing the whole country and looking to the world, Uneed Textile has been adhering to the business philosophy of " Quality and Service, Our Life and Future", providing high quality and fast “One-Stop”supplying services for apparel industries. We take "Gratefulness, Respect, Integrity, and Mutual benefit " as our values, “ A Century-Old Enterprise and A Hundred-Year Brand” as our corporate vision statements, never stop on innovating and advancing with the times to work together with all customers for a better future!

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所有的服装辅料产品都通过了欧洲生态纺织品认证和SGS认证. 致力于纺织企业的可持续发展,还申请并通过了GRS全球回收再生标准认证,为服装企业提供再生涤纶纤维的纺织衬布和填料产品。

三大事业部的所有的工厂均通过了SGS认证和德国TÜV SÜD集团的ISO 9001:2008质量管理体系审核,建立了完整的质量管理体系。上海公司拥有自己的QC团队和严格的质量检验标准,可确保产品质量和服务完全满足客户的要求和国际标准。

优霓纺织立足上海,面向全国,放眼世界。秉承“以质量求生存,以服务求发展”的经营理念,为服装企业提供优质,快捷的“一站式”供应服务。我们以“感恩,尊重,诚信,共蠃”为价值观;以“做百年企业,创百年品牌”为企业愿景。持续创新, 与时俱进,愿同国内外各界朋友携手合作,共创美好未来!



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